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Interview – Get to Know Rough Trade’s Newest Recruits Goat Girl

As Rough Trade Record’s newest recruits, South London gang Goat Girl have got it going on. Clottie Cream (Lottie), Naima Jelly ( Naima), L.E.D. (Ellie) and Rosy Bones (Rosy) took inspiration for their band name from a classic sketch by the late great comedian Bill Hicks. To date they’ve barely released any music, with their double-AA side singles ‘Country Sleaze’ and ‘Scum’ the only offerings pon the internet, they’re clearly fans of quality over quantity.

It’s 2016 why is now the time for Goat Girl?
The stars are aligned, now is the time for Goat Girl to shine. We actually don’t know.

Have you ever seen a psychic?
Yes I have, everything she said happened, so I guess she was a good psychic.

At the end of a long day what are you?
Lottie: At my happiest.
Naima: Grumpy sod.
Ellie: In need of a beer.
Rosie: In need of a soft drink.

When people say “when I was your age” how do you feel?
We should respect their experience as much as they respect our.

You have signed to Rough Trade – if you could get in a time machine and do a duet with any of your label mates at the peak of their career who would it be with and what song would you do?
The Raincoats ‘Ooh Ooh La La La’
Jeffrey Lewis ‘Back When I Was 4’
The Slits Libeundromanze aka ‘Love and Romance’

Whats the worst thing someones assumed about you?
That we take our luck for granted.
Rosie: That I’m not big enough to be a drummer.

What did the ‘rents say when you got signed?
“Your single is growing on me.”

What do you feel you’ve missed out on?
Affordable housing and living.

What is always in your facebook / instagram timeline that really hacks you off?
Facebook in itself hacks me off. Everyone seems to prefer living in comfortable virtual realities.

What is wrong with the world and how can we make it better?
There is a lack of understanding between people and cultures. British people are overly polite which staggers progress. We need to talk more openly about sex, religion and mental health. We are human after all.

What is your take on brexit?
Disappointing but we can’t disregard democracy.
Rosie: I do feel the leave campaign was full of lies and should not have been allowed.

Is music a sword or is it a bandage?
A bandage – it protects you from all your worries.
Rosie: Both.

What always amuses you?
Rosie: Dogs walking down the street.
Ellie: Rosy.
Naima: Simpsons.
Lottie: My cat Sunny’s face.

What is a good thing that will happen in the future?
The apocalypse.

What is something that people don’t know about you that they need to know right now?

What’s the best worst joke you know?
Why do bass players never play hide and seek? Cos no one wants to find them.

How do you feel when people talk about feminism and the patriarchy to you?
We feel passionate. The patriarchy needs to be recognised and is something that effects everyone. We should try and meet understanding through kindness rather than hostility.

How do you feel about being a woman in 2016?
Things are looking up however there’s still a lot to be done. I just wish all women could feel comfortable in their own skin. It often feels progress is being made but then you get Poland which is trying to ban abortion which I think is barbaric. Our personal dreams need to not be policed.

How do you feel about being a musician in 2016?
There’s no other time it could have possibly happened – things are brewing.