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Read an Interview with Pillow Person

Pillow Person is actually Sarah Jones, a lady human who’s spent the last few years drumming for the likes of Hot Chip and Bat For Lashes. Bored of sitting at the back she’s started creating wonky electro-pop all of her own, and the results – as you’d expect from someone whose press shot features her using a trainer as a phone – aren’t even close to boring.

Why do you make music?
I make music because that’s the only thing I know how to do a little bit.

Why have you chosen to go solo now?
I just sort of did it. I didn’t really think that much about it. It took me a little while just to get to that point where you’re not wasting your time even writing them down. It’s so stupid, you feel like you have nothing to say. Playing with Hot Chip, who I think are really good songwriters and musicians, it’s weird to be dropped into this band who exist and are great, so you start thinking [about your own stuff] ‘what am I doing?’. But I played some of it to them and they were like ‘go on!’.

My sister and I both had a Pillow Person [basically a big pillow with a face on] as a kid. Did you?
No, but my friends told me to Google it once I’d decided on that name.

I’d never seen them before. So where did the name come from?
Felix from Hot Chip came up with it. We were going to the Supper Club in Glasgow and we were walking there and he was like ‘I’ve just put my pillow person in place’ and I was like ‘you what?’. Basically, on tour he’d go back to the hotel and put his pillow in place for later on.

Tell me three exciting things about your debut single Go Ahead?
It’s about someone I bumped into buying bananas in Tesco. I made the video in Melbourne on my day off from Hot Chip. I discovered the DX7 keyboard while recording it and now I’m obsessed with it.

There’s a version of it in Spanish sung by a certain Sarah Suñé who sounds just like you. Who is she?
She’s the mole on my face (laughs). No, she is the Spanish side of me, which is only a quarter Spanish. She’s the girl who never learned Spanish as a child from her dad. She’s what could have been.

The video for Go Ahead has been referred to as “Lynch-esque”. Does that just mean it doesn’t make sense?
It is weird. We did it really quickly. My friend happened to be there who makes videos and we didn’t have any lighting so it’s all street lamps and lights from a Hot Rod. I was obsessed with these peel-off face masks and I wanted a really shiny face throughout. It looks that way by accident really.

There’s a lot of crawling on long roads – did you ever think of using a body double?
You know what I got burned loads by the rubber from the tyres. We only had one shot at it because the tyres burn out and I had to get as close as I could and dance. I was doing the next Hot Chip shows with burned legs.

If you could have had some product placement in it, what brand would you chose and why?
Tic Tacs. Just raining down on me. Also I’m really into Saabs, so I would have one of those. I had two Saab 900s but they both got stolen.

The other song you have out is called ‘In My Game’. What’s the best board game of all time?
Dream Phone. It’s one I used to play anyway – you have an actual phone and you’re dating boys.

Isn’t that Tinder?
[Laughs] But the phone was really amazing. I loved Anita from Guess Who? as well.

In one of your press shots you’re holding a shoe to your ear. Why?
I’ve no idea. Why not?