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Look at these Photos from Shame’s Triumphant Record Launch

South London five-piece Shame make a reckless sound that bites. The band recently unleashed their double-A side single release featuring the tracks ‘Gold Hole’ (check out the Mica Levi aka Micachu directed video below) and ‘The Lick‘. To celebrate they set themselves the ambitious challenge of playing three shows in one night back in December, resulting in a triumphant mess of a night. You’ll find some words about the night from Shame frontman Charlie Steen below along with the photos that Starkie Reay captured from the night for BEAT.

On the 8th of December, 2016, we decided to embark on a night which would test the endurance of our bodies and souls – purely for the entertainment of those around us as they witnessed our slow and painful deterioration. This night involved us having to perform 3 gigs at 3 different venues in 3 different parts of London within 4 hours of 1 night, something we saw no faults in until the night in question when we realised why it was so unique and so few have attempted anything like it. A coach was used to shuttle us, as well as people who had purchased a ticket to all 3 shows, from gig-to-gig with Christmas compilation CDs being played, Buckfast being drunk and an expression of pity being worn by an agitated driver. Trying to find ways to make it as special as possible for those with tickets for all three shows, we changed set lists, provided beer on the coach and altered our outfits, changing into drag for the final stop. Finishing our final gig in Peckham with nothing but a sweat stained skirt around my ankles and a blue wig tied loosely around my scalp, it was a moment of complete victory struggling with the reality of utter defeat.