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Oi! Goat Girl, Danny Brown and Emeli Sandé Are on the Cover of the New Beat!

Way way back in the halcyon days of August 2 we announced a new issue of BEAT and bloody great it was too. But life moves on, as it always should, and so now we’re here with a brand new issue that’s just as good (but probably even better let’s be honest).

That really lovely image you can hopefully see above of Emeli Sandé is one of THREE amazing covers. It was shot by Clare Shilland and comes with a real LOL of an interview by Peter Robinson (it features a cameo from one of Eternal (!), so there’s that as well).


The other cover above is of Goat Girl, who are basically one of the best new British bands around and the main reason anyone should still have faith in these dark times. This was shot by Angelo Pennetta.


Last but in no way least is gonzo rap genius Danny Brown, whose Atrocity Exhibition is probably the best album of 2016. He was shot in London by Max Farago.

Quite good already, right? BUT THERE’S MORE. Kieran Yates had a really great chat to Sampha about his forthcoming album, Process, which will likely make you feel intense joy and sadness at the same time. Frank LeBon took the pictures and they’re incredible.


There’s also really amazing interviews with, and pictures of, Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson (answering questions from a lunchbox); psych-dance trio Jagwar Ma; Australia’s latest musical heroine Julia Jacklin; Björk’s favourite Serpentwithfeet and oddball duo Soft Hair. There’s also a massive love-in between Alex Macpherson and the actual legend that is Sean Paul!


As if that weren’t enough, there’s also a portfolio of new artists shot by Agnes Lloyd-Platt featuring Stevie Parker, Sälen, Cosima, Powell, Pillow Person and Flohio. Please look below for more information.


So, that’s your lot. Good, right?

Just a reminder that you get ALL OF THIS FOR ZERO PENCE.




It’s out at the end of the week but they go pretty quickly so why not buy one from here to save disappointment.