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Happy Birthday David Bowie

Can you even believe that it was a year ago today that we celebrated the launch of David Bowie’s album ★ with the joyous news that he had asked us to put him on the fucking cover of the magazine? No, we can’t either tbh. Let’s raise our glasses to the Starman and cruise over our very special poster edition that is one year old today.

And a piece of genius it is indeed. No need has he, to make a pumping hit. No need, has he, to do what is expected. Of COURSE the title track is nine minutes long and has both Gregorian chanting, syncopated drums, jazz drumming and my favourite, he breaks into singsong, what did you expect?

That’s just the thing with DB, he’s less black star and more black hole – a giant music vortex of surprise, commanding people to pour over every little detail of  each song, each outfit, each hair style. I could go on and on but to be honest, I’d get lost, swirling around in his voice  and it’s many incarnations.

Anyway. I digress. Not only are we celebrating ★ with this issue, but we are also celebrating BEAT’s own fifth anniversary – from homely beginnings in a windowless basement in Dalston; to Beyoncé and Bowie and everyone in between. And how, I hear you ask are we celebrating? Well, with a very very special poster edition, featuring some exclusive David Bowie pictures, both old and new, and some of our favourite shots from the past five years of BEAT – all printed at really big size. That’s a proper measurement. It’s huge. We’ve also asked artist and BEAT contributor Sue Webster to curate a selection of pages that any gallery would shit it’s gallery-pants to have. So start clearing wall space.

As if posters, gallery, generally being a legend wasn’t enough, Sue’s also done us a very special cover:


Of course, we couldn’t not have a second cover, because that’s how we roll. A-side and B-side.

BEAT_17_BOWIE_FINAL_COVER_rgb copysmallr

Go get yours. It’s free. It’s posters. It’s really really good, if we do say so ourselves.

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